Why choose complementary optical health?

This is very common care and yet Social Security offers minimal reimbursements for treatments or optical equipment. This is why it is essential to turn to optical complementary health so as to be able to ensure optimal care.

Ensure better reimbursements

Today, for an ophthalmologist consultation, Social Security will provide coverage of up to 70%. On the other hand, to equip yourself with glasses and lenses, the ceiling will not exceed a few euros per year. And the same goes for everything related to eye surgery. This is why it is essential to turn to complementary optical health.

Indeed, you should know that for progressive lenses, you can quickly reach € 300 per glass, while for surgery for myopia, the bill amounts to € 1,500 per eye operated. And it is quite obvious that without a mutual fund to support you, this is an operation that will be at your expense. It is therefore imperative for all those with eye disorders but also for seniors whose eyesight tends to deteriorate more quickly.

Make the right choice

To choose the right complementary optical health, it is essential to turn to care that tends towards 100% or then, an agency that offers you very high packages. When it comes to lenses and single lenses, look for packages of at least € 100 or € 200, while for progressive lenses, we prefer a package between € 300 and € 400.

Some mutuals even offer you the option to carry over the plan from one year to the next if you are not using it. This will allow you to maximize your care or treat yourself with a new mount. Finally, some of them can also offer you third-party payment as well as promotional rates at certain opticians, members of an entire healthcare network.


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