What we have to do with the Internet?

I was in a group offering tips for recovering Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Some lose access because they don’t have security in place and wake up with broken accounts, others because they broke the rules, others because they were reported in vain.

Whatever the reason, what most people are not aware of is that these accounts are not ours, they are a kind of rent paid with our work and the information we provide. If Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok get upset with you and close your accounts, there are chances that you will be left without any online presence, without a backup.

The solution is to build your community and online presence so that you can keep in touch with it, without depending on other platforms, or at least have backup alternatives.

That’s why I tell customers to build their websites, online stores and blogs on their own hosting, not on platforms where they have no complete control. Of course, even in the case of a site with your own paid hosting, using a self-hosted platform, you may have problems with hosting, but if you have the system set up and backup everything you can move your site elsewhere and be online again in a few hours.

Two in hand, direct communication with the audience. We have become so accustomed to social networks, applications, fans and followers that we do not realize that if we were left without those accounts tomorrow we would have no way to communicate with those who read us, follow us or buy from us. . Who cares about his community builds a database with emails and communicates directly with the people concerned. Even if the email marketing service fails, you can switch to another service.

Three in hand, does your community know where to find you? Let’s say you wouldn’t post on Facebook or Instagram from tomorrow. Would people enter your site or blog, would they receive emails from you? If the answer is not at all, because they only knew with Like and Share, it’s a bit sad, you depend completely on social networks and the algorithms behind them.


I'm a content writer and writing for 5 years for multinational companies.

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