What items are needed for a newborn

The wait for the newcomer

When you await the arrival of a newborn, you know, there are so many things to do. Parents are in serious danger of being overwhelmed by preparations for an event that is about to turn their lives upside down. In fact, many aspects of life will revolve around the newcomer.

One of the things that generates more anxiety in parents, especially if it is the first child, is the fear of not having bought everything that is necessary. Therefore, there is a serious risk of purchasing objects or items that will never actually be used. In this small guide we will try to highlight which are the objects that you really need to welcome a baby, so that you can make informed choices and avoid wasting money unnecessarily.

The essential accessories

Let’s start with the clothing. First of all we must remember that the little one will grow very quickly. This means that a onesie can be worn for a few weeks. It is true that the pace of growth can vary from child to child, but the concept is that we must not overdo it, otherwise we really risk buying excess dresses and rompers.

Apart from the clothes he will need when he stays at home, we may need some headphones, shoes and a jacket if we are in the winter period.

Among the very first accessories that we should buy is the cradle, the bed for our little one in which he will spend his first naps in his new home. A stroller with a removable seat, to go for a walk with our child and to transport it when we have to face stairs or we have to move by car.

The high chair for him to eat. We can choose between the one that hooks to the table or the one from the ground.

The car seat is another of our very first things on the list, because it will allow us to move taking into account the safety of our child and to comply with road regulations.

A changing table is not strictly necessary but allows you to change the diaper more comfortably than a bed because it can be placed practically anywhere and prevents us from being with our back bent during this operation.

The baby carrier or a baby sling can be really comfortable for going for a walk and with our little one always in contact with us.

Among the inevitable accessories then we cannot fail to mention the pacifier, the baby bottle, accessories to reconcile sleep, such as a mobile that hangs on the cradle or toys with relaxing music.


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