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Riot Games developed and published Valorant, one of the best competitive first-person hero game shooters. Valorant is inspired by the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game and incorporates several mechanics such as purchase menus, spray patterns and shooting inaccuracy while moving.

There are currently only a few websites that provide reliable information about Valorant players’ in-game stats. We’ll show you the best Valorant stats tracker for players who want to keep track of their progress on a regular basis in this article. The data provided by the valorant stats trackers is as detailed and accurate as any third-party platform could possibly provide. This excellent Valorant stat tracker will provide you with all of the information you require.

Riot Games Best Valorant Stats Tracker

What are Valorant stat trackers, exactly? A Valorant stat tracker is an in-game tool that allows you to keep track of all your stats in real-time. They assess your performance. You can tell if you’re doing well by looking at the visual breakdown of your game, which includes features such as match history, most played agents, weapon usage, headshot percentage, and win rate, to name a few. Some Valorant stat trackers also analyze the public stats of your teammates and opponents to determine your chances of winning the match.

List of Valorant tracker

To access a stat tracker, sign in with the Riot account you used to play Valorant. You must also grant the Valorant Stats application access to your Riot account information. Our picks for the Best Valorant Stat Tracker in 2022 are listed below.


The Blitz app simplifies playing difficult games by guiding you through each stage of your journey to the top. One of the best Valorant Stat Tracker on the market today. You must first download this application and keep it running while playing Valorant. What steps must I take to link my Valorant account? Blitz will immediately connect to any Valorant account you’re logged into. Simply log in to your account while the Blitz app is open to making this connection.

Blitz includes a database containing maps, agents, and weapon stats. They keep you up to date on the most popular agents across all ranks, their success rate on specific maps, the best team configurations, and much more.

Aside from global statistics, Blitz has a dashboard where you can view your previous games, shot percentage accuracy, and how well you’ve been doing in comparison to your recent matches or match history.

2. is one of the most user-friendly Valorant trackers. They’ve got you covered whether you’re scouting opponents or playing the game with the all-in-one Tracker Live programme for Windows PC, which will show you how your team stacks up against the opponent in real-time. If you’re streaming, you can also do tracking on the fly or show Valorant stats to your audience. You can view detailed individual and match statistics while playing. There’s also a Custom overlays feature that shows your metrics in real-time. They also have an iOS and Android app where you can find data, leaderboards, and other information for your favorite game Valorant.


Valorant Stats is your personal Valorant coach, assisting you in gaining a competitive advantage. You can improve faster and reach Radiant by following regularly updated Valorant guidelines, knowledge, and in-depth statistics tracking. This is a Riot-friendly Valorant stat set that will not result in a ban. Following each encounter, they provide you with a comprehensive post-game evaluation that compares your performance to previous games as well as future opponents. You’ll be able to master agents and maps with their database, and they’ll provide you with a wealth of game knowledge on Valorant and its features. They’ve got your back if you’re having problems with an agent, weapon, or map.

4. Overwolf

One of Valorant’s best assistants for stat tracking, providing you with an in-depth analysis of your teammates and opponents. You can also keep track of your lifetime stats, top agents, accuracy, and the number of weapons you have used. You can analyse your play using the match history. There is also a gameplay guide, and this app is powered by the Tracker network.


This Valorant stats page is dedicated to battleground data statistics. Sign in with your Riot ID to use this and check your stats; once signed in, your profile will become public. It’s a good Valorant stat, but it lacks some of the abilities that the other Trackers offer. does provide some useful statistics as well as an analysis of your recent matches.


You can access your profile at any time with Valking. The Valorant statistics website was designed with mobile devices in mind. You can also look at Valorant’s global data, such as Ranked Distribution, Agent Winrates, and Tier-Lists, or specific Agent Attacker/Defender Winrates. Global statistics are updated every few hours, so check it out after a new patch with buffs/nerfs.

7.) Valoperf

ValoPerf was designed to help Valorant players improve their skills by allowing them to track their game statistics using the Riot Valorant API. They allow Valorant players to keep track of their progress. It is critical because many websites only provide actual player statistics nowadays.

Why and in the top 2?

Although there are several more trackers available in 2022, they are only the standard Valorant stat app. These are the best and most comprehensive stats trackers available in 2022.

What truly distinguishes Blitz and from the other Valorant stat apps available is the in-depth analysis they provide with your stats. and display and detail everything, not just your match history.


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