Top 6 Reasons That Why a Manual Transmission is Much Better than an Automatic

In recent years, it was acceptable that a better performance car consists of a manual transmission. In fact, most high-performance cars were only accessible with a manual transmission. Well, in this modern age, the 21st century, so many things have changed. Even now the most loving third pedal is renovated with a paddle shifter that is mostly connected to the network of passionless electronics and steering wheel connected to them that helps to signal the transmission about doing anything when a car driver commands and demands it. But we are a lot more sure and proud for proclaiming that the manual transmission is very safe and it’s far from dead. In fact, here are the top quoted reasons that a mutual transmission is still advantageous and better than an automatic!

Anyone can Drive Handily an Automatic

Let’s cover it: mostly, people driving today a manual transmission today are working out intentionally. Sure, before 30 years it was used as a pickup or an economy car that people possessed, and most of them knew how to drive them properly.

But in 2021st, automatic systems are coming by default with dynamic functionalities. And anyone is well known about moving a lever from P to D; although most people need a reminder for applying a brake before doing so. A driving fancier pilots a fast car with a manual transmission. It says things like, “I am well aware of what I’m doing, and I care about driving a fast car”. Now clutch kits are used to make your car faster, and you can easily engage in high gears.

 To Have Full Control

While using a manual transmission, you choose when to move or shift the gears. No other computer thinks it better than you about shifting and driving. If you desire to drive your car engine higher into the range of RPM than normal, that will be your preference or prerogative with a casual manual gearbox. You will never confront a circumstance where your manual transmission suddenly shifts itself at a favorable time.

Extra Power to the Wheels

No one is going to like parasites when they are lurking between the tires and the engine in your car. Parasitic losses are a short term of automotive that is describing the power that is consumed by certain components, therefore to keep that power and restrain it from doing its job of propelling your fast car.

When we talk about transmissions, any traditional automatic transmission consists of an oil pump that needs the power to turn. They can also take out a specific percentage of the power of the engine in the abundant slippage found in the clutches and torque converter. All of that is known as the power that is happily sent by a manual gearbox to the tires to make you smile at that time.

You Can Navigate and Drive Anything

Class 8 truck, Forklift. Farm Tractor, Motorcycle, A Model T. Okay, so all you need is a little practice and coaching, but if you are a master of a clutch pedal and manual transmission in your regular driving, you are infinitely better competent of driving nearly everything with internal eruption tires and engines.

Easier Engine Mods

Between the electronic controls and vacuum of an automatic system, along with the stable speed due to torque converter, modifications of the engine are composed of additional factors in it when an automatic system is involved. Sometimes, modifications of the engine can entirely throw off the shift points of an automatic transmission that is controlled electronically, both depriving you of worsening the driving quality of your fast car and potential power gained by the transformations and modifications of the engine.

Less Maintenance

Automatic transmissions have a filter that requires to be replaced and always preferred fluid changes and modifications. That’s the reason that a traditional automatic transmission has more slippage with a torque converter and moderately has a high temperature of fluid controlling with normal use. This is degrading the fluid more efficiently than in a manual transmission of a car with high performance and fast speed.


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