The science and technology behind CBD dog products

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the various compounds that is found in the cannabis plant. CBD unlike THC is non-psychoactive and can be given to your pets in multiple circumstances and health issues. CBD oil is used to treat multiple chronic problems like anxiety, joint inflammation, pain disorder, etc. Dogs eat hemp seeds as well as CBD products according to their needs.

As cannabis-based medical products are accepted as a legitimate treatment for multiple health problems, the science and technology behind the use of CBD dog products continue to evolve with time. This can be understood through the growth of the CBD market in recent years. 

Technological advancement and the CBD industry

After various states legalized the use of CBD, the CBD market is evolving rapidly. It is estimated that the CBD market will surpass $20billion by the year 2024 according to ‘BDS Analytics and Arcview market research. This development encourages the players in the CBD market to find more innovative solutions. A few of which are being discussed below.

Improved extraction process

earlier only a limited option is available for the extraction of cannabis. But with the adoption of high-tech industrial machinery, new forms of cannabis extracts like vape oils, oral tinctures, and wax concentrates have been introduced.

The supercritical CO2 extraction technique is the most advanced and popular way of extracting cannabis. In the method, increased pressure and temperature turn CO2 gas into a supercritical fluid. In this state, co2 adopts the properties of both gas and liquid. Thus, CO2 in this state acts as a solvent and separates the essential compound of the plant material.

The supercritical CO2 extraction process although a new extraction process yet is the safest, clean and quick method to extract oil from cannabis.

Nanoencapsulation technique enhances CBD bioavailability

CBD in the form of oil is not soluble in oil. Hence when CBD oil is given orally to your pet, only 20% of the substance goes into the bloodstream and the rest 80% of the substance is eliminated by the body. Nanoencapsulation helps solve this problem. The technique helps to reduce the CBD extract molecules to nanoparticles and thus facilitates its absorption into the bloodstream of the animal faster. Even if only a smaller emulsion of CBD is encapsulated, it can increase the bioavailability of CBD dramatically. Thus, making the substance blend smoothly with water and easier to consume.

Quality tracking software

The rapid growth in the CBD industry has raised questions about its quality. Consumers nowadays want to know the entire process in which the CBD product is harvested, extracted and processed, before purchasing the product.

This demand led to the introduction of seed-to-sale tracker software. This software increases the transparency of CBD products among all levels of their life cycle.

Efficient growing lights

The cannabis plant requires a wide spectrum of light to grow properly. Cannabis can easily be grown in tropical climates and warm regions. However, growing the plants indoors is quite expensive. As, it requires expensive equipment to grow the plant and high-intensity discharge bulbs, which are quite costly and consume a lot of electricity too.

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting market and is also the most cost-effective and sustainable solution. The use of LED bulbs gives a wide spectrum of light without emanating much heat. Hence the growers can easily control the temperature. Besides, the newly introduced directional lamps can help direct LED light rays at the plants.

CBD products on the market for dogs

You may be well aware of the fact that the CBD industry has shown rapid growth in recent years. But it is not only humans who are getting benefits from using CBD products. But dogs and other pets are also getting similar health benefits from using CBD products. Most vets recommend CBD as a treatment for your dog. But before administering it to your pet you must also be aware of some key points. Not all CBD oils present in the market are of the same quality. But only high-quality CBD oil can have a better chance of it working. Let’s get a look at the key points that you must keep in mind while purchasing it.

  • Look for an organic CBD oil
  • Do not shop based on price. Higher quality comes at a high price. Whereas cheaper options may contain toxic substances.
  • The best form of CBD to administer to your dog is an oil or tincture. With oil, you may adjust the dosage of your dog drop by drop. Hence you should buy CBD as a liquid only for the best result.
  • Before buying your CBD for a dog, you should see if the manufacturer is providing a certificate to certify the amount of CBD present in the product. Sometimes many CBD products contain only a small amount of CBD.


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