The epidemic has spread all over the internet

Several friends have asked me lately if we don’t have time for new customers, that they know someone who needs a website, online store, Facebook campaigns or social media communication, something with www in front of them. The answer was that we can make time, but not in short, that we already have our customers, and everyone needs solutions quickly, the way we woke up today that we want it ready yesterday.

Not to mention proposals like let’s meet, discuss a possible collaboration and give us a few hours of consulting, the reality is that everything related to the internet has grown on the pandemic, so if you work on web development, online marketing, social media, PR and everything related to the internet you have to be careful not to get it in your head.

If you are full of requests now and have customers on your feet, it does not necessarily mean that you are the best in the field. This is also possible, but the reality is that there are so many requests that it works for everyone, even for those who yesterday discovered how to start a laptop and today boast that they are digital specialists.

On this occasion, the spikes also multiplied, several discussions with potential customers were in the way I paid a lot of money for this site and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t sell, can it be repaired? No, you can’t, it’s a mess, but you can make a professional one, and don’t expect it to be ready in a week. Not to mention the messages in the same pattern that I see on the web development and e-commerce groups, I got stuck, recommending someone professional.

From May 2020, I have the feeling that I have entered a period of rediscovery of the Internet by business owners. Many small and medium-sized businesses are looking to reinvent themselves and survive on the Internet, and are turning to the first people who say they can solve their problems.

Spikes exist and will exist, If the market will change, we try to work with consumers who have a vision and want to build for a long time, not those who are quick And looking for cheap solutions.

All I can recommend is that if you have a business and want to go online, ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, people who already sell on the internet and are satisfied with their collaborators. Who they work with, why, how they chose the agency or person and so on, as an idea, if you find someone who is ready to work with you tomorrow, be very careful, good people are busy a few months in advance.


I'm a content writer and writing for 5 years for multinational companies.

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