Role of Progressive Apps, User-Generated Content, and Blockchain Technologies in Digital Marketing

There was a time when digital marketing and its present existence were really denied due to its different and new ways to market. But in today’s world, every business and any marketer can’t even think about marketing without being online because the world has emerged as a global village due to Technology and online marketplaces in the age of computers or mobiles somehow. Now marketing is not only considered as running ads or creating an online e-commerce store or a website. The world has changed, so the marketing strategies and techniques have also been revolutionized due to market demand and customers. Let’s discuss some of the most important trends that are adopting an essential part in online markets and the marketing world suggested by experts:

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

The websites that are working like mobile apps or mobile applications are known as Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. These are offering the functionality and working of native mobile apps that are obviously working offline, pushing notifications, have fast load time and utilizing device hardware, etc. These are also not congested and limited to one platform (which in reality means iOS or Android). This strategy is allowing the developers and development teams for creating web-like apps for any desired device that can work just like a mobile app easily. By 2021, smartphone users are expecting to reach more than 3 billion according to the stat estimated by experts. Mobile is becoming more crucial than ever before due to its 50 percent an increasing number of users to your digital strategy. PWAs are going as the most preventable and emerging marketing strategy from amongst the top 10 as the mobile evolution is continuing at pace with no idea of limitations. 

User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC or more prominent as User-Generated Content is an essential and potent resource to help the marketers who want to tap into the Gen Z and Millennial markets. You can get more audience and encourage your audience too by sharing unique content while offering them an incentive, like even partnering or discount for a good cause. A common example is Aerie, who is donating $1 to NEDA or National Eating Disorders Association, you can also create creative or unique content and can emerge as a successful marketer. UGC is really a simple strategy but it can quickly and efficiently increase your drive conversion rates and brand engagement as more people are discovering your products, brand, and services. UGC can be adopted simply by testimonials, blog comments, or it may take the form of blog images, posts, and videos that are created by users. You can take GoPro’s YouTube channel as an example that is entirely dedicated to UGC, the channel is now having more than 8 million subscribers and billions of views. 

Blockchain Technology

As the simplest term, if we discussed it then it is a time-stamped series of data records that are immutable and managed by many computers that are clustered and are not owned by any of the single entity or user. The blocks of data in Blockchain are bounded and secured to each other using principles of cryptography (i.e., chain). We are expecting to see tracking media buys, verifying online identifiers, handling of social impressions, protect personal data, pinpoint targeting, Authentication, and Provenance trends at the peak in 2021 and beyond. There are uncountable wide-reaching uses of blockchain, not just the financial world. Blockchain has eliminated the intermediary of digital marketing, drives public accountability, offered benefits for branding, and built trust by using transparency. 


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