Personalized pens to promote a brand

There are gadgets that never go out of fashion, and that is suitable for the promotion of any company: among these, a special place is occupied by personalized pens. These are objects that are used by practically everyone and in various contexts, both at home and at work.

The pen is an accessory that is always needed, and beyond that, it can be very beautiful. A refined pen is a beautiful gift for a variety of target groups, from consumers to employees to external suppliers. This type of product can be customized with a logo or even the name of an activity, and whenever it is used to take notes, it demonstrates its ability to communicate.

it’s amazing how such a small and “ordinary” article can say so much! This is an ideal marketing solution to strengthen the bond with the community and enhance the brand’s reputation. Don’t forget that such a gift is suitable for many occasions, fairs, conferences, birthdays, holidays, etc.

The materials of the custom pens

Generally, many custom pens are made of metal or plastic. The former is more elegant and luxurious, while the latter is more colorful, lighter, and cheaper.

Metal pens look shiny and shiny in the eyes, they are better and better for the professional environment. Plastic ones often have specific shapes and are great for even small recipients. Let’s say you’re bad for a choice!

Clearly, there are pens with black ink, blue ink, or ink of other shades. Automatic pens, with snap closure, push-button, etc. There are many factors to consider when ordering custom pens, not just the base material.

Ecological personalized pens

If your business is based on a vision based on respect for nature, what do you think of an eco-friendly set of pens as a gift for customers?

In fact, there are pens made with green materials, such as paper, bamboo, wood, wheat straw, and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, an excellent polymer for creating light and handy objects).

The pens in PLA, a sort of biodegradable plastic, and those in RPET: recycled polyethylene terephthalate are no less.

In this way, utility, aesthetics, and eco-sustainability are combined. If your community cares about protecting the planet, they will undoubtedly appreciate such a corporate gadget. After all, these products are also aimed at consolidating a professional philosophy and must be consistent with the image that a brand offers of itself.

Customizable pens: other ideas

We talked about custom metal, plastic, and ecological pens. The touch pens are completely original: those with two tips, one for writing, the other for use on smartphones and tablets.

Such gadgets are ideal for positively surprising loyal customers and members of your team. They are high-quality gifts, which may have details such as a soft grip, twist mechanism, metal clip, even a built-in LED light. We suggest these pens if you want to make a slightly more expensive gift, perhaps on occasions such as conferences and congresses.

For a narrower and more elite target, writing sets are also fine. Some include two identical pens, others two different models, with a refill, a mechanical pencil,s and so on. Your logo can be printed on both the pens and the packaging.

How a corporate gadget should be

What we are about to say applies not only to pens but to all other personalized gadgets as well. The elegance of design must go hand in hand with functionality: and this is a criterion that pens fully satisfy, as they are beautiful, with attention to detail, and always useful.

It is imperative to select long-lived and resistant materials, as well as colors appropriate to your vision. In addition, promotional gadgets must be adorned with a logo or a name, a short sentence, with contacts – with the elements that most refer to a specific activity. After all, the aim is to make a gift as well as to provide brand awareness.

Some information on Gadget365

A wide range of personalized pens, and other gadgets to be enhanced with a logo, is available on the Gadget365 shop. A real point of reference in the sector of corporate gadgets, which has been dedicated to the creation of unique objects for more than 10 years.

In this online store you can buy a myriad of gadgets: notebooks, bags, mugs, clothing, office items, toys, technological products, and much more. In short, everything you need for an effective marketing strategy!


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