Pay attention to these when you start training after giving birth – expert tips for all ages

The body undergoes more or less changes during pregnancy in a completely natural way. Will it be as it was after childbirth? Are you sure this is a well-worded question?

Nothing will ever be the same as it was before the baby was born. Perhaps a new purpose, a more clear desire, can make you happier and more satisfied in this changed and new situation of life. Don’t want what you had, but get the most out of yourself here and now. Of course, you will do best if you can regularize the sport in your life as soon as possible after giving birth. This means that it is recommended to start training 6 weeks after a natural birth and 8-10 weeks after a cesarean section.

Of course, this is often not the case. This may be due to an irregular agenda, the movement may not have been a part of your life before giving birth, and it is especially difficult to implement it. But it can also be due to a lack of exercise and sports that you are too tired, exhausted, or that little salt is coming quickly. If the need for change and change is not expressed immediately after the birth, but even years later, it is good to know that it is not too late. You can always start playing sports. If you do the exercises well, your body will respond and thank you soon for putting time and energy into it.

How much training is enough after giving birth? 

Many times, it’s not the hardest part about doing your program, it’s when you do it. Plus, time as a factor in becoming a mother no longer depends on you alone. An illness or even just a worse day can cover every idea. So perhaps the most important thing is to learn flexibility. Fortunately, you can devote plenty of 3-4 × 30-40 minutes a week to strengthening and developing your torso muscles. Follow a day of exercise with a day off. And whether it’s your workout at dawn, during the day, or late at night is up to you. There is no bad time. Just pay attention to a few small details! If you exercise early in the morning, it should never happen on an empty stomach, and after dinner, you should only eat some natural protein, such as a few almonds, after your workout. And during the day, work out between two meals.

Exercise with the little ones

Most of the time, self-time is too short to fit in with the gym in addition to many things to do. If there is such a time at all. You may want to try the tournament even when you are with the kids. The mother climber will definitely be very enjoyable for the first few times, which is a difficulty for you, but if you make it an investment and regularize it, they will soon learn while mom is exercising, she is still with us, she is watching us, you can play next to her, not just on it. 

Don’t just reinforce, relaxation is just as important

During pregnancy, some muscles relax and some become tense and shorter. That’s why when you start exercising after giving birth, focus not only on getting tighter but also on relaxing where you need to. Very often the lack of relaxation causes the lack of expected and expected results from training! Moreover, it can be the cause of many complaints, such as back and waist pain. So don’t spare time for these simple but extremely effective moves. Mainly because while you workout for 30-40 minutes, stretching is true on a daily basis, but it only takes a few minutes of your day.

Strength training or cardio?

Both! Simultaneously, consecutively or on consecutive days. Even if you plan ahead, you only have to think about the prospects for a few days. It is certain that your body needs both types of movement. It’s also important that you only start sports that require endurance if you’ve already put yourself in shape thanks to the results of your tournaments so far. While strength training has a duration, cardio-like movements give you more freedom. They are available in a more colorful and varied way, both in terms of their formal and on-site implementation. Stair climbing, dancing, swimming, hooligan hoop, running. It’s a great sport, and 10 minutes or half an hour of it will benefit you. They speed up metabolism, improve circulation, lung capacity, and myocardial function. Make sure that cardio-type movements have an invigorating effect, so find out which time of day is best for you.


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