Pastime on mobile

It is no secret that we use the mobile phone very much in today’s high-tech society. At least this is true of most of us, who use it for lots of different chores every day. This can be work-related tasks, e-mail, chatting with friends and family, photography and photo storage.

It can also be general surfing about everything and nothing. But some people probably feel that they are sitting on their mobile phones at times without actually doing anything. Maybe you check out Facebook and Instagram to see the latest updates, and just go back and forth between such apps, without really getting anything out of it. Then it should be something more constructive to use the time for?

Exercise supervisor in your pocket

There are apps for just about anything you can think of today. Maybe you can start with a training app that both motivates you, coaches you by telling you which exercises you should train, and keeps track of what you train and how much you need. This can be a great motivational boost for those who need to get over the scary doorstep mile.

Freshen up the Spanish words

Another thing you can find apps for is language apps that teach you a new language. Or maybe you want to further develop your English skills, or freshen up the Spanish words you learned at school? This can be perfect to do when you are sitting with your mobile and have some time to spare. There are many different types of apps.

Some give you tasks and a great user interface that makes learning fun, while others focus more on speaking and listening to language files. Here you can simply choose what suits you best. There are apps for most languages you can think of, so there should be no shortage of choice. Most apps have a free version where you get access to a limited part, but you can also choose to pay for the full version, to access all the features.

Games and fun

Getting away from mobile games can be a lot of fun, whether it’s young or old. There are games that give you brain teasers, something that both old and young can learn from. 

If you are not quite sure what you want to play, you can just visit the Play Store and see what is on the charts and what is recommended. That way, it’s easy to see what’s catching and not catching. Maybe you can get some friends to play games where you can challenge each other.

Wordfeud, the scrabble-like game developed by Norwegian Håkon Bertheussen, can offer lots of fun competition among family, friends and colleagues. There is also no time pressure here, so you can take the time to stop by once again and down to complete a game round.


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