If a deer jumps in front of you, you really should do it.

If you come across a deer on the road, the worst thing you can do is pull the steering wheel.
It is easy to make a bad decision when a deer suddenly comes in front of you, which makes sense, because you will definitely be scared and maybe go to the gym, and your brain starts ringing the alarm that you have something. need to. Immediately, however, the solution, in this case, is not to try to dodge the animal by pulling thin.

Why not avoid deer?

Well, obviously you don’t want to kill the animal. But he will probably see you too – even if he is in the same place at the moment – and as he gets closer, he will jump. If, on the other hand, you are trying to turn, your car will hit it.

In addition to the serious damage that a collision can do to your deer, a sudden change of direction can be dangerous for you: you can easily tip-tip, hit a tree, or go into a ditch. can.

So what do I do if I jump out?

First, step on the brakes and slow down the car as much as possible (but also consider road conditions, as emergency brakes on icy roads, for example, can have catastrophic consequences). This will give you and the deer time to react properly, and if there is a collision, it will be at least slow.

Then evaluate your environment. Deer often migrate in herds, so it is possible that many people are around. If the whole herd comes in front of you, you can expect the animals to move in one direction, so the best thing you can do is stand in line behind the last deer.

“If a deer stands motionless in the middle of the road and turns its head towards you, it will probably jump at the last minute and move in any direction. Don’t try to figure out where you want to go. Just slow down as much as you can and wait for it to move, “the life hacker pointed out in his guide.

You may not have the time or spirit to think about others in this exaggerated situation, but if you manage to overcome the panic, flash to warn the oncoming danger, because Animals can jump into their alleys at any time.

You should also take precautionary measures in your interest. In the early morning, late evening, after dark and in foggy weather, always drive with caution. Be especially careful if you notice something shining through the bushes along the way as you may see deer eyes. Finally, take deer warning signs seriously, as they are not placed along the roads as ornaments.

This is the advice of the police.

“Most accidents of this type can be prevented with proper precautions, extreme precautions, and slowing down,” Fager County Police Headquarters wrote in an earlier statement. “If a large body sport suddenly comes in front of the vehicle, apply emergency brakes, beep, but do not pull the steering wheel to one side, even if you kill the animal like that! In many cases, a driver wants to avoid an accident. Yes, pull the steering wheel to one side and run off the road or collide with an oncoming vehicle, which can lead to a very serious accident. If you have seen a deer or deer, expect more. Please!

If you see a dead or dying animal on the road, call 112. Never try to take the game off the road, it may still be alive and the frightened animal may severely injure its hooves or horns. The hunting crew will then take care of the removal of the animal. Don’t take the dead animal home, because it is theft, “the statement said.


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