How to fax from iPhone

Today, with the widespread use of email and other online techniques, faxing is not something that is typically done. However, you might end yourself having to fax those important business documents or other items. You can use your iPhone to fax documents instead of running out to buy an expensive fax machine!

How to Fax From iPhone

You may send and receive faxes from your iPhone using a wide variety of iPhone apps. One thing to bear in mind is that even though the app may be free to download, there will typically be a price associated with sending the fax. Consider sending all of your faxes at once if you have several that you know you will need to send in order to prevent paying any extra fees to these apps.

The general idea is the same, however, the processes for faxing from apps differ slightly amongst them. Find out here how to fax from an iPhone.

1. Access the app store to download it. A collection of apps that we recommend for sending faxes from your iPhone may be found below.

2. Register for an account and select your subscription package or begin a free trial.

3. Upload or scan your papers. In most cases, faxing apps provide a scan feature that allows you to upload already scanned documents or have your iPhone’s camera scan papers for you directly.

4. To transmit your documents by fax, enter the number and hit send.

iPhone Apps for Faxing

The Apple store offers a wide variety of faxing apps that are compatible with your iPhone, each with its own features and pricing options. In order to help you go through the options and discover the best iPhone faxing app for you, we have compiled a few of our top picks below.


FAX.PLUS includes up to ten free fax pages, with any additional pages costing as little as $0.03 each. It’s a safe, compliant fax app that’s simple to use across platforms. They created the app and the rest of their platform to serve everyone from individuals to corporations with varying faxing volumes.


eFax is more than just an iPhone faxing app. It is a full-featured fax app that lets you send, sign, scan, and store faxes all from within the app. Their focus is on small businesses rather than individuals, but they have plans for all types of fax needs, from small businesses that need to send faxes every now and then to large corporations that send multiple faxes every day.


MyFax is the simplest way to get started with faxing with your iPhone. They offer a free 14-day trial so you can see how the faxing service works before you buy. You can also access the service from any device, such as your iPhone, computer, or tablet. They even provide 24-hour support if you have a problem sending your fax.

Key Takeaways

Faxing is no longer limited to offices equipped with fax machines. Faxing is now available in the palm of your hand with nothing more than your iPhone and a fax app! So, whether you need faxing for business or personal reasons, try one of our recommended faxing apps for iPhones to securely deliver your documents without the hassle of finding a fax machine.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can iPhone use as fax?

Yes, you can use various fax apps on your iPhone to convert it into a dependable fax machine.

What are the best iPhone fax apps?

Among the best iPhone fax apps are iFax, Fax Free, MyFax App, eFax, and FAX.PLUS, Fax from iPhone, FaxFile, JotNot Fax, Fax Burner, and others.

How can I fax if I don’t have a landline?

You can fax without a landline or fax machine by using the web, email, and mobile app options on your computer, iOS, or Android device.

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