How Do Spend a Day in Edgewater, NJ

There are few places better to visit than Edgewater, NJ for a view of the New York City skyline. Which looks like it was plucked straight from the opening credits of a movie. However, this small stretch of land on the Hudson River’s west bank has many more must-see attractions beyond its ferry terminal.

Below is a guide to making the most of your time on a day trip to one of Jersey’s most scenic riverside towns. Including places to eat and things to do. And, of course, no Edgewater travel guide would be complete without mentioning the best places to see the iconic Manhattan skyline.

Visit Brownstone Pancake Factory for breakfast

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Start your day with breakfast at Brownstone Pancake Factory, a popular River Road diner. Since the establishment’s inception in Jersey City in 1968, this family-owned business has grown to include three locations.

Brownstone Pancake Factory does not accept reservations. If you don’t want to miss out on a meal at this iconic Edgewater restaurant, get there as early as possible to beat the crowd. The restaurant quickly fills up, but the extensive menu alone is worth the wait.

The diner serves a wide range of all-day breakfast items, but its namesake pancakes are the real draw. Their iconic pancakes are available in flavours and combinations you never knew existed. This restaurant does not skimp on presentation, from savoury options like Jersey Chicken and Cheddar to sweeter concoctions like their Fried Oreo Cheesecake.

Do you need a sugar rush to get through the rest of your day? The Brownstone Pancake Factory’s colourful, gravity-defying milkshakes have been featured in numerous magazines and news channels. Their Instagram account regularly posts the “Ultimate Insane Milkshake” of the week. Previous milkshakes featured popcorn and caramel-drizzled Twinkies, as well as a whole slice of chocolate fudge cake and M&Ms.

The desserts are picture-perfect, but save room on your camera roll for the rest of what Edgewater has to offer!

Relax at Sojo Spa Club

Sojo Spa Club, a towering structure with nine year-round pools and an artificial waterfall, is a must-see Edgewater attraction. This Korean spa is spread out over four floors dedicated to wellness and boasts facilities such as a Himalayan salt sauna, an ice room, and a variety of other unique therapy rooms, each with their own set of benefits.

The spa is popular with both Edgewater residents and tourists, with many agreeing that its best feature is the cinematic view of the Hudson River and the New York skyline from its signature infinity pool, which is located away from the noise and crowds.

Consider extending your stay in Edgewater, NJ. Hotel Sojo, a boutique hotel with rooms decorated in a minimalist-meets-contemporary-Eastern style, is conveniently connected to the spa club.

Mitsuwa Marketplace is a great place to shop and eat.

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Sojo Spa Club is best place in Edgewater, NJ and next to Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese shopping centre with a food court and grocery store.

The popular mochi donut from KAI Sweets, a must-try delight that blends the chewy texture of the mochi rice cake with the shape of a conventional ring donut, is also sold in the market. The genuine Japanese snacks from the Minamoto Kitchoan confectionery are another type of treat to keep an eye out for. Tsuya, a traditional Japanese pancake filled with sweet red bean paste, is one of their signature items. The kingyo jelly, a transparent grape jelly designed to resemble a fish bowl and with a little goldfish swimming inside, is another best-seller.

Mitsuwa offers a wide variety of dining and shopping options for visitors. Its stores range from regular stores with Japanese imports to speciality shops selling anime stuff. The market’s indoor arcade is guaranteed to be popular with younger visitors.

Enjoy Bubble Tea with a View at Umacha

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If your sweet tooth remains unsatisfied, you can enjoy a drink by the waterside at the nearby Umacha. Which is located just behind Mitsuwa.

On colder days, you can sit inside the warm and stylishly decorated interior of this bubble tea cafe. Or you can enjoy the breeze outside and take photos on the deck. Another Instagram-worthy Edgewater spot is the cafe’s romantic arch trellis. After all of that shopping and eating. Umacha is the ideal spot to take a break and take in the view of the Hudson from up close.

If you still have room in your stomach, try Umacha’s signature drink. Cheese cream boba tea made with their original cream cheese—a perfect balance of sweet and salty!

A Beautiful Finish at The Yacht Club | Edgewater, NJ

Manhattan should be lit up by the time evening arrives, just in time for dinner. The Yacht Club serves seafood against a backdrop of the New York City skyline.

The ambiance at The Yacht Club is one of its best features. The restaurant has an outdoor bar and patio that is open year-round and heated. Which allowing you to fully appreciate the elegant atmosphere.

If you happen to be in town on a Sunday, you can participate in the Sunday Lobster Feast. A two-course meal with dessert is available for $49 per person.


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