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How Delicious Videos Can Increase Sales In Your Restaurants

When Benjamin Franklin said, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.“, many foodies would have been offended. Out of the total population across the globe, at least 50% are foodies. Without food, their lives wouldn’t be as colorful as they are now.

This means that you can safely assume that about 3.9 billion people would enjoy videos about food. If you own a restaurant business and want more sales, go for video marketing, in-house and online.

A study found that humans find videos more engaging, and this helps in generating strong engagement online. If you are worried about the slow restaurant business, start making delicious videos.

What are “Delicious Videos”?

The audience doesn’t want to see blatant and direct advertising of your restaurant. A video showing off the decor is okay once in a while, but those videos are not “delicious.”

When we say “delicious videos,” we mean food videos. It could be an inside-peek into your restaurant’s kitchen or a recipe video that is suited for beginners. 

You may not want to reveal your trade secrets, so the recipe video could be about any other dish that is popular. Any “delicious video” that can tempt the taste buds of your viewer is good for your restaurant business.

Display these delicious videos on screens inside your restaurant, too, along with using them for marketing your business online.

How Delicious Videos Can Help Your Restaurant Business

1. They Tempt Your Customers

Remember those famous KFC video ads? They are very tempting. When people see videos of food, they feel inspired to order that dish or visit a restaurant. 

When your customers look at food photos or videos, it causes a spike in the hunger hormone, ghrelin, found a study. Then their brains want to eat! 

This is why it is a great idea to display videos inside your restaurant and around it too. Tempted customers = more business. 

2. Videos Are a Way to Give Your Customers What They Want

The first rule of business is to give your customers what they want. Videos are what they want. This will help you boost customer satisfaction and ensure repeat customers.

Google said that 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online to sitting in front of the TV. Social media posts that have videos are watched 48% more!

Videos are the most effective form of advertising today. This will go a long way in influencing your restaurant’s popularity. 

3. Videos Improve Customer Retention

When you make a food video and add a call-to-action at the end, your customers will remember that. 

People retain 95% of what is shown in videos, as opposed to 10% when reading text. So anything that you insert in the video along with food is more likely to be remembered by the viewers.

Food videos are already a big hit. You just need to get in on the scene.

4. They Help to Nurture Leads and Improve Conversion Rate

This is one of the biggest ways in which delicious videos will help your restaurant business. Videos can help in getting 300% more online traffic and boost your conversion rates by 80%!

You can also display videos on your website to rank up in the search results and to offer interesting content to every person who visits your website. 

5. Videos Help in Gaining New Customers and Boost Brand Discoverability

People share food videos within their circles. The chances of a food video performing really well are better than other kinds of videos. When new people watch your video, they discover your brand (good SEO in the video title and description helps too).

Because of a video, you created, now more people know about your restaurant. Brand awareness is always good for business. 

6. They Help Generate Another Source of Income

YouTube, for example, pays you for the ads that are displayed in your videos. You have to meet the eligibility before that, but popular videos can help you earn a good income.  Over time, you can also get a sponsor!

You can redirect this income in your restaurant business and get some upgrades or more staff — anything that you think can improve the overall appeal and customer experience.

Some Ideas to Create Delicious Videos

  • Get behind-the-scenes and show how your chefs work in the kitchen
  • Make recipe videos
  • Show the journey of your food from farm to plate
  • Ask your customers to share the photos of their favorite food they have eaten at your restaurant
  • Showcase street foods from different parts of the world
  • Do a “Best Five Foods” in X city video
  • Fusion recipe video (align it with local trends)

You can also take professional help to shoot food videos. When done right, they can turn the tables and make your business buzz again.

Even if you don’t want to hire a professional, equip yourself with an HD camera. Ensure the lighting is good. And choose a smart video editor. 


Now you know why videos are essential for your restaurant business. If you are thinking about advertising costs, you can save a little by making videos on your own or by using an AI-powered video editor.

Whether you are looking for an Instagram story video editor an easy tool to create Facebook video ads, InVideo is the best pick. Try it yourself to experience how easy it is.

Market your videos on as many platforms as possible, like YouTube, Reels, IGTV, etc.

Appeal to the sense of vision and see how easily your customers relate it to their sense of taste. Your food is the star of your marketing strategy; just use it right. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Anyone can do it.


I'm a content writer and writing for 5 years for multinational companies.

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