Get Your Business Ready For The Holidays With These 6 Digital Marketing Tips

As the world continues to battle both the COVID-19 pandemic and the new variant Omicron; businesses are embracing the omnichannel experience and seizing digital opportunities like never before. Since the pandemic began, shoppers have significantly increased their digital behavior, therefore online purchasing remains elevated above pre-pandemic levels. eCommerce and online websites continue to boom with more consumers adapting to the digital holiday-shopping habits, browsing the Internet intending to buy early, and purchasing from trusted online brands.

Given these trends, it’s becoming clear that the winners this holiday season will be those online businesses that have their digital marketing strategies in place to capitalize on these customer behaviors. Local businesses in Canada that can stay agile, anticipate early, and pivot to face consumer demand with digital marketing will receive their own holiday “gifts” this year.

Now let’s check out how you can spice up your business for this holiday season

6 Digital Marketing Strategies To Get Your Business Ready For Holidays

To ease the digital shopping experience for your online customers this holiday season, you must make it easier for them to search and locate products, read reviews, and most importantly they must gain accurate and relevant information. 

It’s quite common that holiday shopping can be overwhelming, with shoppers having thousands of items to choose from. Therefore, your online website or e-commerce site will have to give them the proper guidance and inspiration on what to buy, by helping them cut through the clutter and make confident choices. Guidance in the form of valid information on how the product can solve their challenges and inspiration in the form of offers and promotions are imperative to convert undecided consumers and secure sales.

1. Update Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Businesses tend to prioritize social media and paid ads during the holiday season, such that they forget about search engine optimization (SEO) strategies; leaving it out in the cold. SEO strategies especially during the holiday season can be quite different when compared with the ones digital marketing companies normally implement. The keywords and queries that holiday shoppers search online will revolve a lot around holidays and not the usual search. Therefore, revamping your SEO strategy during the holidays can help you earn higher rankings in search results, it can in fact rank you higher than competitors already on the first page. These SEO strategies can significantly boost customer conversions and set your site apart from competitors who have not considered holiday SEO. It’s also important to remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is not a quick process and it takes time to produce good results, so plan and implement your SEO holiday strategies in advance.

2. Provide a Unique Landing Page Experience

Take a look at your current web design and ask yourself “Will this design draw attention to a holiday product or services that I’m offering?”, “Will my audiences benefit from my services?”, “Is it unique from my competitors?”. Make sure you address these questions in your web design and content strategy. Also, your website must be optimized not only for the holidays but all throughout the year as well. But for the holiday season, you need to draw attention to a special product or service and you can do that by creating a unique and engaging landing page dedicated to it. Rather than integrating gaudy overused images, get help from the experts doing web design in Toronto to make the page unique by staying true to your brand while adding a touch of cheerful holiday imagery and colors. Your website design should prioritize user interest and engagement over anything else and hence offer a single and simple call-to-action for the page. 

3. Webroom Your Products

For some of you, webrooming might be a new term. It grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as more shoppers took to the internet for most of their product research. Webrooming is the process of analyzing the product in detail at a retailer’s online website but buying these items from the physical store rather than the website itself. Therefore, if your local business provides a feature for webrooming, then you’re allowing the customer to see and know more about the item before they visit the store. This is a beneficial way for local businesses in Canada to drive customer engagement, even before the customer walks through the door.

4. Use Holiday Hashtags

Since almost everybody nowadays has a social media profile, a business owner should not miss out on the opportunity to reach new shoppers and influence current ones on these platforms. If you already leverage social media marketing, then make sure to optimize it for the holiday season. With relevant and trending hashtags, you can spread the word about your business sales and promotions. You can also encourage holiday social media campaigns by creating a unique hashtag for shoppers to use when they post a photo or video that features your product. This is extremely great for branding as more people will know about your services and real customer testimonials through images or videos will only reinforce brand reputation.

5. Use Remarketing Strategies

As mentioned earlier, shoppers have thousands of websites to choose from especially during the holiday season. Sometimes they visit your website and leave without making any purchase. Most shoppers do this to check out similar products, their ratings, costs, etc on a competitor site.  But what if they do not find any other better options on a different website? They might want to come back to your online site. Remarketing is a strategy that businesses can use to remind audiences about the product they checked on your website. You can also give them better offers or promotions on that product so that they will surely convert. Therefore, if a shopper provides their email or any other information, you can send a follow-up mail or text. This message brings the product to the visitor’s attention again so that they can complete their purchase.

6. Make Sure Your Website is Ready for the Holiday Shoppers

Holiday shopping can bring in a huge number of customers into retail and physical stores. Similarly, websites also can witness a tremendous surge in traffic during the holiday season, especially if there are offers involved. This increase in website users is all great things for your business and provides a significant opportunity for you to improve revenue. But, this sudden surge in web traffic — especially if you’re not prepared for it — can also lead to a website crash. 

This means that not only will your business miss out on potential sales and ad revenues, but also that your valuable customers will leave your website disappointed. To prevent this, businesses can leverage the help of web development agencies that can optimize your website to stop it from crashing. From re-evaluating your servers and updating your software to getting a content delivery network (CDN) and running a crash test, professional services can help you make the best out of your website. 


With the stakes so high during the holiday season, it’s worth taking a moment to understand what customer expectations are. Also, with the demand in online shopping, consumers must jump-start on this holiday season to meet customer requirements efficiently. Keep your website up to date with these steps and your business will be able to make the best out of the coming holidays.


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