Colon Broom: A Dietary Weight Loss Supplement

What is ColonBroom?

Colon Broom is a natural, plant-based fiber complex that promotes digestive health and alleviates constipation. It is a three-pronged health supplement designed specifically for those who suffer from intestinal issues such as bloating and heaviness. It does, however, relieve constipation, aid in weight loss, and reduce bloating, giving it a triple-edged quality.

Colon Broom is made of high-quality, all-natural ingredients that work together to relieve constipation and improve gut health. It will also help you lose weight and feel lighter overall.

The special components in ColonBroom, according to the manufacturer, will help you feel lighter after 12-72 hours of use.

This item also includes an easy-to-follow diet guide to success. Every purchase includes a personalized anti-inflammatory diet guide.

Gut health is frequently overlooked, but it often mirrors other health issues that are visible on the outside. ColonBroom promotes gut health by balancing the gut microbiota, which aids in weight loss.

ColonBroom comes highly recommended because it is designed to address three major health issues that other manufacturers have created individual supplements to address. Its efficiency and high-quality results have garnered widespread attention, making it a popular choice for many. It has received numerous positive reviews from verified buyers over time, proving its effectiveness.

Benefits Of Using Colon broom Complex

colon broom

It is an exclusive blend of plant-based dietary fibre with anti-inflammatory qualities that is said to have various advantages for digestive health. These advantages of employing this complex have been demonstrated.

  • gut feeling of lightness
  • consistent bowel motions
  • protected intestine
  • attainable weight goals
  • incredible mood and energy increase
  • increased digesting capacity
  • makes bowel movements normal. Dietary fibre softens and increases the weight and volume of your faeces.
  • maintains the health of the bowel
  • decreases cholesterol
  • aids in blood sugar regulation
  • helps one reach a healthy weight
  • prolongs your life

ColonBroom Ingredients

This complex is made up entirely of natural components. Being gluten-free, it is vegetarian-friendly. It includes a genuine strawberry flavour and high-quality dietary fibre called psyllium husk powder that supports digestive health.

  • Psyllium Husk Powder
  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Crystallized Lemon (citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice)
  • Stevia Leaf Extract
  • Sea Salt
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juice (color)
  • Rice Hulls.

Suggested usage

8 fl. oz. (250 ml) of water should be added to 1 tsp (0.2 oz/5.7 g) of powder. Mix thoroughly, then sip. Add one more glass of water to your intake. 1 hour before or 30 minutes after eating, up to 2 times a day.

If you’re just starting to use ColonBroom, start with 1 serving per day for the first 5 days and work your way up to 2 servings per day after that.


Make sure you drink enough water when taking the supplement. A blockage or choking may result from the product swelling in the throat if not enough water is consumed (as explained above). Consult your doctor if you’re expecting or nursing, have trouble swallowing, IBS, stomach discomfort, nausea, or vomiting. Keep out of children’s reach. strictly for adults. If you develop mild allergic-type symptoms, the such as nose or eye irritation, feeling out of breath, or itchy skin, stop taking the supplement and consult your doctor for guidance. Consult your doctor for more guidance if you have any additional unusual symptoms that you believe may be related to taking the supplement.

Allergy and Colon Broom

People who are allergic to psyllium, strawberries, or other ingredients/substances generated from or extracted from strawberries may experience an allergic reaction to this product.

A natural, plant-based dietary fibre compound called ColonBroom helps reduce constipation and supports digestive health.

no additional sugar. Stevia, a sugar alternative, is used to sweeten ColonBroom, which also has natural flavours and colours.

Why You Need ColonBroom Supplement

The main component of Colon Broom is a necessary soluble fibre that also acts as a bulk-forming laxative.

There are numerous health advantages to eating more fibre. Here are some incredible health advantages of increasing your fibre intake to motivate you to do so. Each of these advantages is supported by research and studies that provide scientific evidence.

1. You’ll Lose Weight

You will lose weight even if the only dietary change you make is to consume more fibre. A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicated that dieters who were instructed to consume at least 30 grammes of fibre daily but were not given any other dietary guidelines lost a substantial amount of weight. 

Foods high in fibre not only help you feel fuller faster and longer, but they also stop your body from absorbing some of the calories from the food you eat. According to the creator of The F-Factor Diet, fibre “binds with fat and sugar molecules as they pass through your digestive tract, reducing the number of calories you really consume.” According to a different study, increasing fibre consumption to the recommended level resulted in a reduction of 90 to 130 calories per day, or 9 to 13 pounds over the course of a year.

2. Maintain a Healthier Weight Over Time

Yes, it can also aid in preventing weight gain. In general, people who consumed more fibre tended to be thinner, while obese people consumed roughly 1 gramme less fibre per day on average than participants who were of normal weight, according to a study from the Medical University of South Carolina. Additionally, recent studies at Georgia State University discovered that mice fed diets deficient in soluble fibre, a type of fibre, gained weight and had more body fat than mice whose diets were adequate. Furthermore, mice who were given enough soluble fibre prevented gaining fat, even when they were given a high-fat diet.

3. Cut Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk

It is a well-known truth. According to a recent study of 19 research, for instance, persons who consume the most fiber—more than 26 grammes per day—have an 18% lower risk of developing the disease than those who do not (less than 19 grammes daily). According to the researchers, fiber’s dual benefits of maintaining stable blood sugar levels and a healthy weight may help fend off the onset of diabetes.

4. Lower Your Odds of Heart Disease

According to an analysis of 22 studies published in the BMJ, your risk of heart disease decreases by 9% for every 7 grammes of fibre consumed daily. This is in part because fibre has the capacity to absorb extra cholesterol in your body and transport it out before it may clog your arteries.

5. Have Healthier Gut Bacteria

The beneficial bacteria that make up your microbiome thrive on fibre. Short-chain fatty acids are produced by gut bacteria as they consume fibre that has fermented in the gastrointestinal tract and provide a variety of health benefits, including reducing systemic inflammation, which has been linked to obesity and nearly all major chronic health issues.

6. Build Strong Bones

Asparagus, leeks, soybeans, wheat, and oats are just a few examples of foods that include prebiotics, soluble fibres that have been demonstrated to boost the bioavailability of minerals like calcium. This could support bone density maintenance.

Customer Reviews

“Seems to be working. So far so good. I’m about 2 1/2 weeks in and recently started the twice a day recommended dose. I don’t weigh myself really ever so I don’t have that metric to go off of, but about 2-3 days in and I felt drastically lighter. Noticeable difference in bloat, shirts fit better mid section is much less bloated. Interested to see how I feel after my 2 months supply. And will update. Oh also, I’m allergic to raw berries and I have had zero reactions to this product.”

-Ryan McCabe

“There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel we call our colon!

I used to use another fibre powder to help but I always hated how bad the ingredients were. When I found you guys, I was as excited but sceptical as anyone is with new products. However, my quality of life now is so much sweeter than before. I could never leave the house without the feeling of having to use the bathroom. I would have to wake 2 hours ahead of leaving just to make sure I could empty as much as possible. Now, I get up, get it all out easily I might add, and I honestly feel like I am empty. No more feeling like I always has to use the bathroom! It has been years and these last 4 months on colon broom have been nothing but fantastic. I have actually left the house quite a bit and no longer am I a victim of the toilet. It has been so nice so thank you for this pure, clean and whole product that I can safely take without the fear of ingredients!!!”

Darla Marcel

“4 days….. looking good so far

I’m 32 years old and not a huge fan of medication. For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing pretty regular bloating and discomfort. I received my order 3 days ago and started using ColonBroom. By the end of the second day, my stomach was already feeling 100% better and by the morning of the third day my bloating was gone. Just started my fourth day, and let me tell you…… I woke up with more energy and drive to get up and I’m not feeling ANY discomfort in the stomach. Just want to thank you!!!!!”


“This stuff is amazing

This stuff is amazing! I’ve had moderate gut issues for quite some time. I’ve been taking Colon Broom for about 2 weeks now, and am already feeling better. Since taking Colon Broom, I’m more regular, less bloated, and I have fewer cravings for sweets and junk food. Plus, these tastes SO GOOD.”

-Brandy Isom


The maker claims that ColonBroom powder is for you if you experience abdominal heaviness, excess belly weight, or gastric discomfort. The judicious utilisation of dietary fibre by ColonBroom helps to improve digestive health, ease constipation, and promote weight loss.

A strong 3-in-1 supplement, it has thousands of five-star ratings from real customers. This alone demonstrates ColonBroom’s efficacy and strong endorsement.


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