Best 17 AI Art Generator in 2022

The AI art generator creates unique images based on parameters or rules defined by the programmer. We examined over a dozen AI art generators to create new works of art and discovered that Fotor’s AI art generator produces the best artwork, which you can also share on social media and receive a 45% commission for.

What Can AI Art Generators Produce?

While some AI generators have more restrictions than others, the majority of them let you select the kind of artwork you wish to produce as well as the subject matter. Some AI art tools allow you to choose from a variety of preset shapes when creating a 3D model, which you can then embellish with details. With some other tools, you can start with a blank canvas and manually add details. Additionally, you have a choice of image sizes, from tiny thumbnails to enormous posters.

The majority of AI art tools allow you to change the colors to create a new feel and style. You can add text to your image to make it more distinctive.

Why Create Art With AI?

The creation of art by artificial intelligence frequently imitates the aesthetics of works by human artists, but AI art generator goes one step further. Instead of only copying current material, these tools can produce original visual imagery. This enables the program to create brand-new works of art that humans could never have thought of.

The field of fine art may be profoundly impacted by AI art creation. Imagine if artificial intelligence created a unique creation. It has the capacity to challenge what it means to be humanly made and develop new artistic forms and genres.

Best AI Art Generator in 2022

  1. Jasper AI
  2. Hypotenuse AI
  3. Fotor
  4. NightCafe
  5. Dall-E Flow
  6. Starryai
  7. Anonymizer
  8. BigSleep
  9. DeepDream Generator
  10. Photosonic
  11. Chimera Painter
  12. 1Second Painting
  13. Runway ML 
  14. Art Breeder
  15. Dream by WOMBO
  16. Deep AI
  17. Hotpot

Jasper AI

The Jasper AI art generator transforms words into beautiful pictures. Designers, writers, and artists can create a variety of visualizations using Jasper, from intricate graphics to challenging artistic works.

It comprehends your instructions clearly. Depending on your goals, some certain instructions work better than others when using an AI art generator.

For more than a year, I’ve used Jasper AI writer to help me create content and ad copy, and it is without a doubt my favorite tool.

I was astounded by the artwork it produced in response to my prompts. All you need to do is offer as much pertinent context for the image you want to create.

Pricing: It is included with the basic AI writing subscription, which costs $20 per month and permits unlimited production, and is free.

Hypotenuse AI

You can use a few descriptive phrases and the Hypotenuse AI art generator to create unique images from scratch.

Millions of images and texts on the internet have taught Hypotenuse AI how to understand and create unique images. When you press the Generate button, it does not replicate or extract photos; instead, it considers the concepts it is familiar with and creates new images each time.

  • Please provide a brief description.
  • Choose the look and feel you want for your image.
  • When you click “Generate,” AI will start working.

You can switch between image aesthetics and tones, as well as change moods, to find the exact image you’re looking for.

Pricing: Hypotenuse AI has three simple pricing plans: Starter ($29/month), Growth ($59/month), and Enterprise (custom prices).


Fotor is an AI art generator used by over 200 million people in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Fotor’s mission is to make high-quality photo editing available to everyone.

Fotor has developed patented artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning technology with the help of a team of engineers and designers with experience at Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and other large technology companies.

You can also try the following steps:

  • Select a photo from your phone or upload one from your computer.
  • Choose an image style from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “create AI art” option.

we will receive our AI art image in a few seconds. You can now share your AI art image on any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You will receive a 45% commission on each share.

Basic is free, Fotor Pro is $8.99 per month, and Fotor Pro+ is $19.99 per month.

4. NightCafe

NightCafe is a San Francisco-based AI art generator that generates visual art based on user-specified parameters. The programme, which has been in development since June of 2017, can generate unique visual imagery based on its own rules and user input. NightCafe is one of the most unique AI art generators available right now.

NightCafe Creator is a new app that can transform your photo into an AI masterpiece. You can generate artwork from any image using neural style transfer. You can also use text-to-image AI to generate original art from your content.

No one has the right to take your inventions away since they are yours. As long as the copyright owner approves it—and as long as it complies with all legal requirements in your country—your work is free to do anything it wants with any input photos.

Copyright is safeguarded by the NightCafe Creator AI Art Generator software (accessible online and on Android or iOS), which ensures that only users who have a copy of the original image may use it. All others would be required to buy or borrow a licensed copy.

Additionally, you can give your followers a 5% discount and earn up to 10% commission by using The NightCafe Creator.

Prices includes: 200 Credits are available for $19.99 USD ($0.10/credit), 500 Credits are available for $39.99 USD ($0.08/credit), and 40 Credits cost $7.99 USD ($0.20/credit).

Dall-E Flow

DALL-E, an AI image generator made by OpenAI, is another AI art generator on our list. With the aid of this AI, you can produce astonishingly lifelike photographs.

The capabilities of DALL-E are incredible. According to OpenAI, the technology can be used to create new business ideas, products, and images.

Thanks to DALL-E 2’s user-friendly interface, anyone can create amazing images utilizing AI. Therefore, both professional and amateur painters can use DALL-E to their mutual advantage.

The paintbrush, one of DALL-most E’s powerful tools, enables you to add components to your photographs such as shadows, highlights, and more.

Pricing: The amounts indicated are for 1,000 tokens. Tokens are comparable to little chunks of text, with 1,000 tokens roughly equating to 750 words.


The interface of Starryai is clear and uncomplicated, and it is incredibly simple to use. The programme will create a work of art for you when you choose the settings you want to utilize.

Altering the settings will allow you to experiment and observe what results. There are many options available, including the number of subjects, the background style, the stance, etc.

Starryai produces art quickly, and it has a very realistic appearance. Your generated work is available for saving or social media sharing.

Price: On iOS and Android, Starryai is cost-free to download.


Anonymizer is a free and paid version of an AI art generator.

It was created to assist you in protecting your identity when working with generative media. Uploading a photo makes it simple to find images that resemble yours.

Price: The tool is available for a brief period of time at no cost, after which you may choose to pay for $19.99 each month.


Another AI art generator that creates realistic visuals is called Big Sleep. Similar to many other AI art generators, it is easy to use. Photographs that are realistic can be made quickly.

Big Sleep is a Python-based programme that uses a neural network to produce visuals. After the application receives input data, an image is an output. Utilizing a generative adversarial network, this is accomplished (GAN).

While the generator model creates the image, the discriminator model in the GAN distinguishes between real and fraudulent images. Big Sleep can consequently create images that are more and more lifelike.

Price: Free $0 per user per month, Team $4 per user per month, and Enterprise $21 per user per month are the prices.

DeepDream Generator

One of the most well-known AI art generators is DeepDream Generator. It transforms photos into alien landscapes that closely resemble LSD trips using a neural network that was originally developed to recognize faces. Alexander Mordvintsev, a Google software engineer, developed the DeepDream Generator and has since improved its algorithm.

In the DeepDream Generator, paste a photo and press the Generate button. Your photo will be processed by the app to create a brand-new one that features fantasy art influenced by LSD.

Users can convert their photographs into surrealist artwork thanks to the results, which are more lifelike than before. Sliders can be used to modify the algorithm and tweak the specifics.

Prices: Advance costs $19 per month, Professional $39 per month, and Ultra $99 per month.


You may create gorgeous pictures using the AI art generator application Photosonic. Photosonic will instantly construct what you want to see for you if you only type in a few phrases that briefly explain what you want to view. Photoshop expertise or understanding are not required.

Pricing: To test out Photosonic’s AI art creator, utilize your five complimentary credits. With a Writesonic subscription, it is included.

Chimera Painter

Another AI art generator that helps you create realistic graphics is called Chimera Painter. The Chimera Painter AI art generator’s different filters and functions enable you to create stunning, lifelike-looking photos.

With Chimera Painter, you may alter the texture, lighting, and other aspects of the scene to create a photorealistic image. The programme lets you create animations and incorporates machine learning to make your photos appear more realistic.

Free of charge.

1Second Painting

The name 1Second Painting refers to one of the most well-liked AI art generators. Since its debut in 2010, Robbie Barrat, a 26-year-old programmer, has attracted more than six million users with his 1Second Painting website. Every time a user accesses its website, a fresh work of art is created.

An algorithm used by the website creates images based on user input. To create a new work of art, you can enter a keyword or upload an image. One example of a computer algorithm that can generate unique visual images depending on predetermined parameters or rules defined by the programmer is 1Second Painting.

Pricing: Starts at $38.0

Runway ML 

Create images with Runway ML by creating and applying machine learning models. This allows you to build models and produce realistic image styles in a variety of ways. Runway ML also creates 3D models and animations.

If you want to create video projects, Runway ML has a feature that allows you to edit movies and modify the backdrop images.

Runway ML analyses what you’re trying to do using a variety of techniques, including as relative motion analysis. It also has out-of-the-box object identification, which makes it simple to identify objects in images or movies.

Pricing: To get more use out of Runway ML, you may start with a free account and upgrade your membership. They offer three subscriptions: the $15 Starter, the $35 Creator, and the $100 Pro.

Art Breeder

Digital art is the area of expertise for the AI art generator known as Art Breeder. Art Breeder uses complicated technologies, yet the application itself is easy to use. Enter an abstract by typing it in or make your own image, selecting colours and forms that will shape the finished piece of art. There are three degrees of customization available at Art Breeder.

The artificial intelligence-generated artwork produced by Art Breeder is a fantastic example. It offers distinctive artwork that would be challenging to duplicate without artificial intelligence yet is simple enough for anyone to use.

A built-in colour picker allows you to create original colours, choose from one of 12 pre-built palettes, and modify the rules by adding or removing particular colours or shapes.

The cost is $8.99 each month.

Dream by WOMBO

WOMBO Dream will assist you in realizing your vision and producing a magnificent work of art. You can produce gorgeous artwork from your computer, phone, or tablet thanks to its AI-powered software and simple user interface.

To make your artwork distinctive, you can select from a variety of backgrounds, paintbrushes, and colours. With WOMBO Dream, anyone, regardless of artistic ability, may produce beautiful works of art.

Your creative work can be saved to your computer or shared with friends and family via social media. Now that WOMRDS Dream is out, anyone can produce amazing art.

Pricing: A matte poster costs $20, while a framed print costs $45

Deep AI

In order to democratize AI through open-source software, DeepAI was founded in 2016. It has a number of features that can be utilized to create realistic images.

DeepAI enables you to take as many unique pictures as you want. You may modify the degree of detail, colours, textures, and other features because of its vast customizability. When you type an image, DeepAI may generate a vector graphic with any resolution.

Two further DeepAI methods that can also create realistic graphics are StyleGAN and BigGAN. Using the CartoonGAN tool, cartoons may be made from the images.

DeepAI is free to use, but you must first register.


Hotpot allows you to make beautiful images for content marketing campaigns on websites, blogs, and social media. Hotpot’s templates let you share your visuals with the world because they are responsive, mobile-friendly, and offered in high-resolution formats.

You can change and modify the visuals to suit your needs by downloading the source files.

The app has template categories for marketing, business, photography, and more. Additionally, you can look for images using keywords. When you’ve located the ideal graphic, click on it to begin modifying.

By selecting a different template or designing a new graphic from scratch, you can change the picture or graphic. Emojis or text can be added. When you’re finished, download the graphic in the appropriate format.

Final Words

The world is already undergoing major changes thanks to artificial intelligence. Thanks to new software that can produce art on its own, AI is being used in the field of art. The fundamental idea of AI art generators is straightforward:

  • You choose a setting choice.
  • Based on that environment, the program produces a distinctive work of art.
  • It can be stored on your computer.

This implies that you can utilize the application to design uniquely your pieces of art.


I'm a content writer and writing for 5 years for multinational companies.

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