An effective way to eliminate alcohol from the body faster

A mechanism, based on the principle of deeper breathing and which can remove alcohol from the blood three times faster than usual, has been developed by a group of researchers at the University of Toronto. The results of their study were published on November 12 in the journal Scientific Reports. The University of Toronto has discovered an unusual way to get rid of alcohol faster than usual, according to a new study published Nov. 12 in the journal Scientific. It is the principle of hyperventilation, which is characterized by deeper and faster breathing than normal, which is at the heart of the mechanism developed by the team of Canadian researchers, explains a press release about this study published on EurekAlert! -Page. 7

“This is a very basic, low-tech device that can be manufactured anywhere in the world – no electronic devices, computers, or filters are needed,” said Dr. Fisher, who led the ‘study. , and whose comments are cited in the press release.”

It is equipment the size of a small box, which uses a valve system, connecting hoses, a mask and a small container of compressed carbon dioxide.

Overcome the side effects of hyperventilation

During hyperventilation, the body eliminates carbon dioxide from the blood with alcohol. However, the process causes significant side effects including dizziness, numbness in the extremities, fainting and more.

To overcome them, the researchers created a device that allows patients to hyperventilate alcohol while returning exactly the required amount of carbon dioxide to the body to keep it at normal blood levels.

The study, conducted in five healthy male volunteers, is the first scientific proof to prove that hyperventilation exceeds the rate of elimination of conventionally produced alcohol, therefore in the liver.


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