Amazing 29 Animal Facts That Will Shock You

Consider these 29 fascinating and odd animal facts to illustrate how easily one can become mesmerized by animal life. And if you enjoy this, see our article on fascinating pet facts.

Amazing Animal Facts

1. One type of jellyfish is unaffected by death. It can go back to being a child once it reaches sexual maturity, therefore it never expires.

2. A snail has a three-year sleep cycle.

3. There are a million ants on the planet for every human.

4. An orgasm in a pig lasts for 30 minutes. Lucky pigs.

5. A blue whale is as long as three Greyhound buses and weighs as many as three elephants.

6. A bat can consume up to 1000 insects an hour.

7. Octopuses are tri-heart animals.

8. Less than 10 people are killed by sharks each year. Every year, humans kill roughly 100 million sharks.

9. Wild dolphins make name calls to one another. Flipper, “Oi!”

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10. An alarm call used by elephants to signal “human” is unique.

11. Dogs have an approximately 100,000 times greater sense of smell than humans. However, they only have one-sixth as many taste buds as we do.

12. Smaller animals with higher metabolisms, such as chipmunks and squirrels, can perceive slow motion.

13. The extinct colossal penguin was as tall as LeBron James, the legendary basketball player, at 2.03 meters.

14. Gentoo and Adelie penguin males will “propose” to females by offering them a pebble.

15. Polar bears have opaque fur and black skin.

16. In order to see better in the winter’s low light conditions, reindeer eyes turn blue.

17. Honeybees are capable of 200 wing flaps each second.

18. The first nonhuman mammal with a demonstrated capacity for rhythm is a sea lion.

19. Koalas have two penises for males and two vaginas for females.

20. Number 20 animal facts is a baby panda weighs about four ounces and is about the size of a mouse.21

21. The flamingo’s head must be turned upside-down in order for it to eat.

22. If a female ferret enters into heat (becomes horny) and is unable to locate a mate, she will perish.

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23. A human can be killed 150 times over with just one gram of the king cobra’s lethal venom.

24. The only mammal capable of flight is the bat.

25. Because a bat’s leg bones are so thin, none of them can walk.

26. Female humans, humpback whales, and elephants are the only mammals who experience menopause.

27. Cows can dream only while they are lying down, but they may sleep standing up.

28. A housefly makes an F-key humming sound.

29. To prevent drifting apart while they sleep, sea otters hold each other’s paws.


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