9 Lies, which is better not to tell yourself.

You can read and hear a lot of the wisdom of life these days, most of which are useful, but there are distinctly false, false mantras that can easily lead you astray if you are not careful enough. We’ve collected nine particularly common lies, which you better forget right away – we’ll show you why.

The following is a list of Medium author Sinem Günel’s journalist, blogger, and lifestyle consultant :

1. “My actions don’t matter”

The moment comes when you realize: that whatever you do, you will not save the world anyway, your actions will not affect the course of history, only one of the many billions of human beings on Earth. This unpleasant realization can prompt you to shrug your shoulders and sweep away all responsibility for yourself, saying nothing will be better for anyone no matter what you do – and that’s not true. You will not bring world peace, but your actions will have an important effect on your immediate environment, loved ones, and acquaintances; it’s worth investing energy and time into making the world a little better, at least for people close to you.

2. “I’m late for everything”

As you get older, you can often feel that at certain stages of your life it is almost mandatory to achieve a goal — graduate at the age of twenty, agree and start a family in your early thirties, find the perfect profession, and more — and if you fail, you’re never late again. you will have the opportunity. This is a fundamental mistake: no matter how much society and the media push you into the opposite, it’s never too late for anything – nothing worse than others if you find the Great One at the age of forty instead of thirty, or you’re fifty when you decide new, much more you are looking for a profession that suits you.

3. “Good girls / boys finish last”

It is an extremely wrong and harmful, yet often voiced view that kindness and goodness only hinder you, if you want to achieve real success, you have to learn to behave unscrupulously, evilly, in a calculating way and to treat others as a tool. A lowly story can really help you move up the ladder, but positive, friendly, helpful behavior is at least as much, and even more, effective: you can gain close, trusting connections that can help you advance and stay by your side in the long run.

4. “I know everything anyway”

There are two kinds of people: there are those who think of themselves, they already know everything, they cannot be surprised by anything, it is unnecessary to learn anything new, and there are those who sincerely admit that their knowledge can never be complete, so they are always ready to accept new things. It is arrogant to think that you know everything – life is continuous learning, it is worth learning something new at every moment, expanding your information, adapting to the changing world and new challenges. You will thrive much more easily if you walk with your eyes, ears, and mind open.

5. “Once I lose, I can never win”

It can also have an incredibly negative effect if you think life consists solely of triumphant victories and destructive defeats, and if you fail, you will lose forever. On the contrary, you don’t have to win every battle, and you can learn a lot from defeat, re-evaluate your strategy, or realize you’ve tried in the completely wrong direction, so next time you’re much more likely to face the challenges.

6. “They had so much easier”

Seeing the successes of others, you often try to find an external explanation for why they achieved their goals and why you failed: they started from a much better situation, an influential family background, they are much more talented in principle – and that is only a weak excuse. Success doesn’t fall on anyone’s lap, you have to work for it, often overcoming a lot of failures: the people you envy or just idolize have achieved what they dreamed of because they didn’t give up even after the many rejections. Trust yourself too, and don’t let your enthusiasm break off from failures, do what you have planned, what you really want.

7. “Money doesn’t make you happy”

One of the oldest lies in life is that you can’t buy happiness with money – of course, wealth alone doesn’t really make you happy, but it makes your life a lot easier. If you didn’t need money, you wouldn’t work a day at your workplace, you wouldn’t put aside your salary, you wouldn’t dream that one day you could buy those items or travel where you’ve always wanted. It is not a shame to admit that money is an important motivating force, it should only be handled in the right place, and not put material in front of human bonds, feelings, and love.

Money doesn’t make you happy… but it’s okay to have it… John M Lund Photography Inc. / Getty Images Hungary

8. “I don’t have to describe, I’ll remember anyway”

More and more ideas are constantly being born in your brain, some are more likely to stay and make you think further, while others are fleeting: you don’t have the capacity to memorize them all, though it may be important to remember them. So don’t be afraid to write down your thoughts or what’s important to do – either on paper or on your tablet or phone – as your head is not a chapter.

9. “It will be solved tomorrow, everything will be easier tomorrow…”

No, it won’t be easier: postponing problems will only delay and exacerbate the problems. What you can do today is not put off until tomorrow, says the wise saying; face the challenges, don’t run away from them.


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