5 tips for winning a call for tenders

Tender notices are a significant source of revenue for the companies selected at the end of the process. And even if the constituent parts of the files provided by the companies are known, certain key elements often allow those who know how to do it to always succeed. You undoubtedly want to know more about these tips allowing these structures to remain competitive and take advantage of these service delivery opportunities. Here are five tips that can help you easily win a tender.

Find deals as early as possible

If you manage to find a tender notice within a relatively short period of time, you will have more time to properly design your application. And if you do it right, then you will have a good chance of having your case accepted at the end of the study. You can draw inspiration from a good example of a technical brief which will be of great help to you in identifying the constituent parts of a tender dossier.

In addition, it is possible to subscribe to newsletters to receive offers as soon as they appear directly in your mailboxes. It is therefore important to make sure that the box is functional.

Select the right offers

Do not apply for an offer because you cannot be sure that you can complete the latter’s specifications. This will prevent you from wasting time and energy in dealing with your employees. In order to increase your chance of success, it is important for the business to:

  • Grow its notoriety
  • Check with the applicant to know the specificities of the market;
  • Install a climate of trust.

Express your interest in carrying out the project

The application file contains a manifestation of intention. Even though there are standard models you can take inspiration from, it is always good to be able to think outside the box and come up with something original. This is where understanding customer needs will come in handy. Depending on this, you will be able to highlight the skills that make your company or your consortium the ideal candidate to carry out the said project. However, do not neglect the technical and administrative elements of such a document.

Integrate modern project management systems

Standing out from your competition won’t necessarily be easy. Also, you must bring a special touch to your project. Today there are tools for real-time reporting of your work. If you make this case in your project, this should reassure the recruiter as to your seriousness, your professionalism as well as the transparency you will demonstrate.

Prepare your communication

Candidates selected after studying the files take part in an oral presentation phase. So prepare yourself accordingly. Here, all the elements must be taken into account. Carry all your brochures, as well as the documents you will need. Plan in advance the questions you will be asked and the answers you need to give.

In short, you need to identify the right offer and use the best weapons to prepare your application. You will then have a better chance of successfully winning a tender.


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