5 Best Cat Backpack Carriers of 2022

Do you notice that every time you take your cats to the vet, they become quite stressed and fear that you are taking them away from their family to an unknown location? Making the appropriate preparations can help your cat feel less anxious both before and during the trip.

An adventurous cat may enjoy the opportunity to see and sniff new objects while in a suitable cat carrier. Backpack cat carriers offer more travel alternatives than traditional, boxy cat carriers. Some are even comfortable enough for extended hikes and other outings.

We consulted a veterinarian and analyzed hundreds of items to find the best backpack cat carriers in terms of size, fit, comfort, and other features.

What Features Should a Cat Backpack Have?

A cat backpack is a safe and handy method to transport your feline buddy whether you’re going to the vet, going on a holiday, or taking your cat on an adventure.

Not all kitty backpacks are created equal. Consider the backpack’s layout, the quality of its materials, and the level of protection and comfort it provides your cat. Here are some things to think about:

  • Fabric – Consider the materials used for the straps and the body of the backpack to ensure that your cat is completely secure. The cloth should be sturdy and thick enough to withstand cat claws while being lightweight.
  • Stability – A good cat backpack should have strong belts to secure the backpack and a firm foundation to support your cat’s weight.
  • Comfort – Select a cat backpack that is large enough to accommodate your cat comfortably, and look for inner cushioning as well. You should also consider how comfy the straps will be for you; they should be wide and adjustable. Check the ventilation as well!
  • Reliability – The backpack should be robust enough to withstand numerous uses in addition to sustaining your cat’s weight. If you take your cat hiking, it should be able to resist inclement weather and be spot-cleanable as needed.
  • Accecbilty – Examine the zippers and other fasteners to ensure that your cat may easily enter and exit the bag. Extra compartments for goods like food and a collapsible water dish are also useful. Your cat backpack must be functional.
  • Security – Finally, ensure that your cat will be safe within the bag. To keep your cat contained, you’ll need reinforced seams, locking zippers, and possibly an internal leash.

When you glance around, you’ll notice that many cat backpacks seem the same. However, appearances can be deceiving, so keep the aforementioned factors in mind when making your pick.

5 Most Suitable Cat Backpacks

1. The Fat Cat

cat backpack

The Fat Cat backpack is our top choice for the best cat backpack overall. We’ve put a number of Travel Cat Bags on our list since their things are of excellent quality, ingeniously built, and popular with both cats and cat owners.  

The enclosed Fat Cat backpack features three ventilation controls along the bottom, net ventilated screens on both sides, and a front detachable bubble. If your cat prefers to be warm or keeps to himself outside, the bubble attachment is ideal. Replace it with the screen connector for cats who like to smell and look outside, or when more airflow is required.

What we like about this kitten backpack is its inventive design. This large backpack can accommodate two medium-sized kittens or cats weighing up to 25 pounds. It has storage areas on both sides as well as a clip and elastic hook for your cat’s leash.

The Fat Cat incorporates adjustable straps and a chest belt to properly balance your cat’s weight for the best support and assistance while also assuring your comfort.


  • This design is suitable for larger cats weighing up to 25 pounds.
  • Sufficient ventilation on all three sides
  • Detachable screen or bubble attachment shoulder and chest straps that improve comfort


  • The price was a touch exorbitant.
  • A small storage room

2. LEMONDA Portable Pet Carrier Backpack

cat backpack

Keep in mind that while wearing a backpack, your cat can keep an eye on you, but you also don’t want to sacrifice airflow. The Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack succeeds on both counts, thanks to its translucent bubble strategically placed in the middle of the backpack’s back.

While using this cat carrier, your cat will be entirely secure within the bag, and they will both be able to see it outside. Use the transparent bubble cover for better visibility, or the mesh cover for better ventilation. You don’t need to be concerned because the bubble has three air openings on the bottom. There will be plenty of fresh air for your feline pal.

The fabric and high-density plastic elements utilised in its construction make it both lightweight and strong.

But it’s the kitty bubble backpack’s built-in security features that we really like. When you’re not carrying the backpack, a built-in lock stops your kitty from escaping, and the bubble has a thread lock hook to keep the screen cover or bubble in place.


  • Built from lightweight and durable materials
  • Replace the bubble with a mesh cover.
  • Internal locks and thread lock rings are safety features that are integrated into the product.


  • This model may retain more heat than others.
  • It is not recommended for extremely large cats.

3. Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack Carrier

cat backpack

In the case of a large cat, you will need a backpack that is large enough for him to fit comfortably within. This bag can store up to 12 kg of cats.

This cat backpack is made of materials that are both light and robust. Because these materials are impermeable and scratch-resistant, cleaning is a breeze.

The Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack carrier’s top hole and plastic bubble make it simple to put and retrieve your cat from the bag. The sides of the backpack are mesh for ventilation, and a mesh cover can be worn in place of the transparent glass to boost airflow if desired.

If you have a larger cat, this Lollimeow pet carrier bag is certainly worth the extra money. You’ll appreciate the increased durability and strength, as well as the adjustable shoulder, waistline, and chest straps for your personal comfort.


  • Large Size and Sturdy Construction (cats up to 26 pounds)
  • Side ventilation, visibility-enhancing bubble windows, robust, waterproof, and scratch-resistant materials


  • One thing we didn’t enjoy was that it wasn’t as economical as some models.
  • Zippers do not lock, and the security leash is prone to breaking.

4. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

cat backpack

This PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack does not have to be very expensive. It’s an excellent steal for $25.

This cat backpack is available in nine different colours and perfect size for small to medium-sized cats. It has a luxurious Sherpa lining at the bottom and is well ventilated for your cat’s comfort. It also includes a collapsible pet bowl that can be easily attached to the outside of the backpack.

This backpack incorporates waist and chest clips for further comfort and support. There are also side pockets for storing your belongings.

This cat backpack has a safety strap to keep your cat secure and is constructed of 600D high-grade polyester for long-lasting use. It’ll be difficult to find a finer kitty backpack at this price.


  • Cheaply priced at around $25 sufficient ventilation to keep the cat comfortable
  • Available in nine different colours including a folding water dish


  • Zippers do not lock for added security, which we disliked.
  • Large cats may not be able to fit in this cage.

5. Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier

cat backpack

Buying a large cat backpack makes little sense if you have a small cat. The Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier is a good alternative because it has enough storage for a small cat without making the backpack large and difficult to carry.

This cat backpack is made of lightweight, robust, wear- and scratch-resistant eco-friendly polyester materials. But it’s the breathability of this kitty backpack that we really adore. This backpack has a large ventilation panel on the front, top, and both sides of the carrier. This improves vision from within the carrier while keeping your cat cool and comfortable.

The Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier has adjustable belts for the shoulders, chest, and waist. This allows you to easily adjust the bands for your cat’s support and comfort.

It also has a built-in safety strap and locking zippers for further security. The bottom of the carrier is cushioned and robust for your cat’s comfort. It is also detachable and double-sided for your convenience.


  • Your cat will have excessive airflow and visibility.
  • The inside is roomy and has two exterior storage compartments.
  • Lockable zippers and an integrated safety strap


  • Large cats might not have adequate support.
  • Mesh materials could be stronger.

Useful Cat Backpack Tips

After you’ve chosen your kitten backpack, you might think the difficult part is over. Unfortunately, this may not be the case.

Some cats dislike wearing cat carriers or backpacks. If you’ve previously struggled to get your cat into a carrier, you’ll undoubtedly struggle with a cat backpack. The good news is that you can train your cat to accept the backpack so that he doesn’t oppose it as much.

  • To train your cat, use constructive reinforcement.
  • Finding something your cat enjoys that you can utilise to encourage him is the key to getting him to respond well to training motivation.
  • Most of the time, some tasty snacks will suffice, or you may try using your cat’s favourite toy.
  • Place the cat backpack on the ground in an area where your cat regularly congregates.
  • After opening the backpack, stuff some treats or your cat’s favourite toy inside.
  • Allow your cat to approach the sack and inspect it.
  • When your cat approaches or enters the backpack, praise it vocally and give it extra treats.
  • Once your cat is comfortable entering the backpack on his own, you can start partially zipping it up while he is inside.
  • Take a moment to reflect before opening it and freeing your cat.

You can gradually acclimatise your cat to spending more time inside the cat carrier with the help of this learning phase. After a few training sessions, your cat should be less nervous around the backpack, and you should have no trouble putting him in it when you need to.


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