3 foods that worsen your condition with flu and cough

The changeable weather, lack of enough sleep, stress, as well as food poor in vitamins and minerals can lead to a sharp decline in immunity, which makes us extremely hospitable to any viral infections and even colds.

Many believe that when they get the flu and cold, they should rely on strong food to keep them in good shape to deal with the aggressor in the body. Yes, but it’s not! And science has proven many times that the most wrong action during colds and flu is to tread.

There are many examples of this in nature and the easiest is if we observe our pets. For example, they never eat when they are sick, even some of them do not want to drink water, although this can lead to dehydration. They lie down and sleep so that they can recover more easily with the right treatment.

Like them, we humans must exclude certain foods from our diet if we want to recover as quickly as possible and the most important condition is not to allow ourselves the luxury of driving the disease on its feet!

I suggest you get acquainted with the 3 foods that you should exclude from your menu for flu and colds if you do not want to worsen your condition even more drastically.

Dairy products

Despite the many myths you have heard about dairy products, keep in mind that they increase the mucus in your body! This means that the more yogurt you eat, the harder your nose will run. The situation becomes especially difficult if you have lactose intolerance. Instead, rely on probiotics and vitamin D so you can deal with the infection faster.

Refined pasta products

Unless you suffer from gastrointestinal viruses, the use of refined pasta products, such as crackers, biscuits, etc. is extremely inappropriate, as pasta products raise your body temperature and will be harder to cure.


It takes between 5 and 7 hours for the body to break down the meat. A time when you can hurt the aggressors in the body. In addition, meat is not the best source of protein to deal with the infection. You can easily replace it with bee pollen, which, in addition to providing you with protein, will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to help you deal with the viral infection.

And last but not least – do not lower your body temperature unless it exceeds 38.4 degrees C, because you remove your body’s natural defenses. Bet on a lot of tea, ginger, royal jelly, bee propolis, bee pollen. Do not get out of bed and rest and sleep as much as possible.


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