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3 Delicious Shakes that are Healthy and Practical to Make

A popular shake called a milkshake. That’s right, milkshakes are one of those drinks that many people love. Apart from its sweet taste, milkshakes can be made with various additives that will enrich the taste. Milkshakes are not only very popular with children, but not a few adults drink this one.

Milkshakes are usually made with a dairy base or creams such as ice cream, yogurt, or milk. This drink can also be combined with other complementary ingredients such as fruit, chocolate, caramel, nuts, or other ingredients that contain sugar. This drink is also often confused with similar drinks, namely smoothies. That’s right, milkshakes and smoothies are two different types of drinks.

In general, smoothies are a combination of fruit, nuts, puree, oatmeal, and yogurt. Smoothies are also usually made using a blender or mixer. While milkshakes are usually only made in a blender.

From a nutritional standpoint, smoothies offer drinks that are rich in carbohydrates. This is why smoothies are often used as a breakfast menu instead of rice or as a pre-workout meal. Milkshake itself has the main protein content in relation to the dairy base used. In addition, there is a calorie content in the milkshake.

Healthy milkshakes are usually consumed at post-workouts because their protein content is excellent for muscle building and recovery. Even so, both smoothies and milkshakes can be equally nutritious, especially by choosing the right ingredients and rich in nutrients.

If you are looking for a delicious, healthy, and practical milkshake recipe to make to accompany your activities, Superiortopics will provide a reference for you. Please refer to the following recipe!

Banana Cream Cheese Milkshake

Banana is a fruit that is high in potassium content. Potassium can normalize heart rate and regulate fluid balance in the body. The low sodium content of bananas also allows this fruit to be suitable for consumption by people with hypertension. Well, one way to eat bananas is to make them a shaking drink.

If you are bored with regular banana milkshakes, you can try adding cream cheese for a different sensation and taste. Apart from changing the banana milkshake taste to be richer, cream cheese can also be a source of vitamin A and vitamin B2 in the form of riboflavin.

You only need to prepare one medium banana fruit, 200 mL of milk, and 1 tablespoon of cream cheese. If you like dining drinks, you can add enough ice cubes or freeze the bananas first if you are afraid the milkshake will be too runny. Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Then serve in a glass. You can also add additional topping in the form of banana slices on top to make it even more beautiful.

Remember, to get the best benefits from a milkshake you should avoid using added sugar. You can use a sugar substitute such as honey or dates if you want a sweeter taste than the milkshake. These sugar substitutes can also contribute to the nutrients contained in a milkshake, you know.

Summer Berry Shake

When summer comes, refreshing drinks are certainly one of the drinks that you really want to consume. However, many of the summer drinks we consume are too high in calories. This is because these drinks are high in added sugar. Instead of being called a flavor enhancer, added sugar is actually called white poison in healthy foods and drinks. The reason is, added sugar does not contain any nutritional value.

As reported by the Tarla Dalal page, excessive sugar consumption will actually lead to high blood sugar levels and kill the fat burning process. This is why a milkshake isn’t really said to be healthy if it still has added sugar in it.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the freshness of summer by drinking a healthy milkshake, really. One recipe that you can try is Summer Berry Shake. This drink combines raspberries and / or any berry, banana, milk, pomegranate and the sour taste of fresh orange juice. The taste that this drink has to offer will remind you of the freshness of summer.

How to make Summer Berry Shake is also quite easy. You only need to prepare 64 grams (half cup) of frozen raspberries or other types of berries, half a medium frozen banana, 32 g fresh pomegranate, and 200 mL low-fat milk. Then mix all the ingredients in your best blender. You can add water if you find the shake too thick. Then serve it in your favorite glass.

You can drink this drink while basking in the hot summer sun, or just relaxing indoors. Anyway, Summer Berry Shake is perfect for consumption in any activity.

Chocolate, Peanut, and Banana Shake

This shake is a healthy protein milkshake. In one serving, you will get 585 calories of nutrition, 59 g of protein, 22 g of fat, and some fiber. Besides being delicious, this drink can be consumed for those of you who are on a diet program because the calories contained will make you full for quite a long time.

Because it is very healthy, the ingredients used are very rich in nutrients. You can use 350 ml of low-fat milk or yogurt as a base. Then, 35 g of chocolate-flavored protein powder to meet your protein needs. This protein powder is actually optional, but it is highly recommended for those of you who are on a diet or are building muscle.

Also mix one frozen banana with one cup of spinach. After that, put 2 tablespoons of crushed nuts (or low-calorie peanut butter) and 1 tablespoon cocoa powder in a blender. Combine all the ingredients to form a solution, then serve in a glass.

Even though there is spinach in this recipe, the combination of chocolate, banana and nut flavors will mask the taste of the spinach. You will only taste this drink like a drink that a child likes. This shake is a great choice as an afternoon snack.

Those are 3 healthy shakes that you can make yourself to meet your body’s nutritional needs. They are also very practical and can be a much healthier substitute than the snacks you buy from the supermarket.

Remember, the key to making a healthy milkshake is to use low-calorie milk or yogurt, replace sugar with honey or dates, and avoid other ingredients that have artificial sweeteners. Milkshakes with the right ingredients can even be consumed for diabetics, you know.

If you have other milkshake recipes that are no less healthy and practical, don’t hesitate to share them with superior-topics in the comments column. superior-topics also has other healthy food recommendations that you can consume especially when dieting. Starting from biscuits, oatmeal, and other snacks. Good luck!


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